Helping You Complete Sales, From The First Offer Until Closing Day

Alabama is one of many states that requires an attorney’s presence at a real estate closing. Choosing a lawyer who understands the state and federal requirements for property transactions means that you can offer reassurance and clarity to your clients. Both of the attorneys at Jackson & Scott, LLC, have worked as realtors, so our firm has a unique perspective on real estate law.

We have more than 50 years of collective experience, and we participate in dozens of closings each month. You can bring your questions about title, zoning, contracts and other matters to us, and it is likely we have seen a similar issue before. Our firm exists to make your job less stressful and more efficient. You focus on selling properties — we will focus on ensuring the transaction has a solid legal foundation.

If you are a realtor involved in the negotiation of a cash transaction or a sale in excess of $1 million, call our office in Montgomery at 334-523-0338 to discuss service discounts.

Our Focus: Offering Real Estate Services For Realtors

Some law firms focus on working with individual residential buyers or sellers, and some focus on representing commercial developers. We choose to work directly with commercial and residential real estate agents because we understand the transactional process from the inside out. Regardless of the size or nature of the sale, we can help you by:

  • Discovering and resolving title issues.
  • Preparing documents and examining realty contracts for legal compliance.
  • Researching and offering advice on zoning and land use issues for commercial projects.
  • Attending the closing and being on hand to answer legal concerns.

Another service we offer to all realtors is the free closing costs calculator on this website. Closing costs are one of the most significant outlays most individuals must provide in order to complete a property sale, so having an estimate provides great peace of mind to your clients. Fees can change at any time, but this calculator can be a great help in providing “ballpark” figures for closing expenses.

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Call our office in Montgomery at 334-523-0338 or email us using our online contact form to set up an appointment. We provide prompt, efficient and well-informed legal representation to realtors throughout the metro area.