Why Realtors Need A Lawyer For Real Estate Transactions

Alabama requires an attorney present at real estate closings, yet some realtors do not have an established relationship with an attorney dedicated to representing the interests of them and their clients. Jackson & Scott, LLC, concentrates its practice on real estate transactions. Both of our attorneys have been active realtors, so we understand the sales process from your side. We strive to make your job less stressful, and to provide peace of mind to your clients, as they make some of the largest purchases of their lives.

Our firm provides a free closing costs calculator on this website. Help your clients estimate their financial responsibilities at closing well ahead of time! Call us at 334-523-0338 to learn more about how we can make your life as a realtor easier and more efficient.

But Why Do I Need A Lawyer For Transactional Work?

Many people think about the need for a lawyer if they are faced with real estate litigation. But what about during the purchase/sales transaction itself?

Our lawyers act as problem-solvers and solution-finders for your clients, saving you time and providing reassurance that all aspects of the transaction are legally sound. They can:

  • Research and propose solutions for tricky title issues.
  • Review all contracts for legal compliance.
  • Offer counsel on fast-moving and quickly changing transactions, including cash purchases of property.
  • Advise your clients on the consequences of purchasing bank-owned properties and the terms the bank may require for purchase.

Our firm leverages our 50 years of collective experience in real estate and real estate law to provide you and your clients with service and solutions that encourage fast, smooth transactions.

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